Our Story

Born in Johannesburg Rinis Swanepoel is a passionate young fashion designer, who acquired his degree in fashion design from the Spero Villioti Elite Design Academy. Having featured in Spero Villioti's end of year showcase, Rinis received praise for his superior tailoring abilities and unique creative style. 


Upon finishing his studies Rinis worked at Cantare, a company that produces garments for theatre. Here Rinis gained skills that proved invaluable to him in the following years. His involvement in the growth of a well-established Cape Town fashion house not only allowed him to further himself creatively, but to also build up a network that led him to create his own unique style and from this, his own fashion house.

In his eyes the central ethos of this endeavour is that quality pattern making and tailoring give rise to a superior body of work that allows VSW to provide quality garments to both discerning individuals as well as larger entities looking to consolidate their image with panache. 


Kirstin Henry graduated from The University of Cape Town with a BASdegree majoring in Psychology and Organizational Psychology. Having both an affinity for  business and a natural creative streak, Kirstin explored several opportunities that presented themselves following the  completion of her degree. Combining these qualities with her love of fitness led Kirstin to explore the role that fashion has to play in this area. This would prove to be the space in which these two individuals would find common ground.

Each of their well developed skill sets when brought together create a synergy that allows Victorian Stitch Works to provide an unmatched standard extending through the creative spectrum and beyond to the highest levels of professionalism.