Established in 2015 Victorian Stitch Works was created with the intention of providing high-quality patterns and garment production services to all sectors of the market spanning from corporate entities, to up and coming designers to anyone who is looking to have their ideas for beautiful garments handled with care and fully realised.


At VSW one of our goals is to decrease the separation between the artistic aspect of garment conceptualisation and design and the more business oriented aspects of production and delivery.

We strive to offer clients agency between themselves and the transformation of their ideas into high quality garments. One of the primary ways in which this is achieved is by giving clients the opportunity to be as close to the process as they choose, including direct interaction with the women who produce their final garments. 

Through this process VSW hopes to build a family of designers and production staff who will be comfortable working together and engage in multiple collaborations for present and future projects.


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